Chris Hemsworth attends a

Chris Hemsworth Says Marvel Ghosted Him After His First ‘Thor’ Audition

Chris Hemsworth had a small but impactful part in the Star Trek reboot, but playing Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe took his career to the next level. Star Trek ultimately helped him land the part, but not before Hemsworth’s Thor The audition went sideways, Marvel ghosted him, and his younger brother almost got the role.

Chris Hemsworth attends a 'Thor' screening in 2011. Hemsworth's first 'Thor' audition sucked, he got ghosted by Marvel, and his brother almost got the role, but he got the career-changing part in the end.

Chris Hemsworth at a ‘Thor’ screen | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Chris Hemsworth was almost broke and about quit acting before playing Thor

It’s difficult to conceive now, but Hemsworth was once a struggling actor. Star Trek, in which he plays George Kirk, was his first movie, but it didn’t lead to tons of opportunities. He almost quit acting after Star Trekbut Hemsworth appeared in a couple more movies — The Perfect Getaway and Ca$h — before Thor,

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